Quickie: The SnapChat for texting!

Today is a great day for me (and for you, I bet it), because I will share with you a fantastic app! You know, when you text your friend through What’s App or SMS, you can’t be anonymous (it’s impossible, your text is stored in both phone + on the server of the app or on the data of your telephone operator). With the following app, NOTHING will be stored (and that is really nice and feel the freedom finally in your pocket!).

Quickie allows you to text without having anyone know.
The app uses the notification bar to telling you the message and after a few seconds, the message will disappear forever, and no one will be able to retrieve it again. Nothing is stored on the app’s server or on the phones.

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Quickie iPhone App - Anonymous Textingquickiesquickie




Quickie is a really fun app offering a lot of privacies that can make your application an essential one.

Thanks it, texting your friends or others in the anonymous way will be totally mature for you 😉

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