Be your own hero in Puzzlewood Quests

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With a great design, engaging game play, and a fun story, Puzzlewood Quests is a fun app that is great for all ages.

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Not many apps that we review here have a fun and engaging story behind them, so Puzzlewood Quests was a pleasant surprise to review. The goal is simple, go through the land of Puzzlewood and take down foes along the way. The way the “attack” system is set up is that each encounter has a timer until the enemy attacks. In that time, you must solve several puzzles to defeat the enemy, each of which gets harder and harder from the last.

There is mix-and-match style puzzles, a maze puzzle, math questions (which currency is more), crossword puzzles, and a lot of other great puzzles that are entertaining and are great learning experiences for kids to play, yet still kept me engaged and entertained.

At the start, you get to choose your character, each of which has their own stats, and from there it is up to you to defeat all of the enemies in Puzzlewood while being able to upgrade your character and purchase items.


The design of the app is definitely a strong-suit, with colorful and modern graphics that fit perfectly together from scene to scene. The art style of the game is somewhat flat-shaded, giving it a fun design that kids would enjoy. Each of the puzzles have their own animations that look great, there was obviously a great amount of effort into making sure the game looks polished. With that the developers, Downcast Systems, succeeded.


Puzzlewood Quests is a great casual game to pick up with fun puzzles that would entertain anyone of any age. With the fun game play, great story line, and mind-bending puzzles, this app is definitely worth the download.

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