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Speed up your productivity at work with Call a Conference, which lets you save your recurring conference calls and automates the process.

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Though the app is very niche, it has already proved to be a major time-saver at my job. Many of us have to go through the tedious process of dialing into a teleconference call multiple times per day, and this app helps you turn this repeatable task into something trivial.

You simply add a new conference, which has you give it a name, number, and an optional PIN. When you click on the conference you added, it automatically pulls up the phone’s dialer app and dials in, saving you the time of punching in that number over and over. The app even automates the process of punching in the PIN by doing it for you. For someone tasked to do this multiple times a day, it will make the $0.99 price tag of the app worth it.


The design of the app, though somewhat outdated, is kept simple, just as it should be. The layout is great in presenting the conferences to you and displaying their information.

The bottom toolbar is a great addition making it easy to add, edit, copy, or delete existing conferences on the app. Adding an entry is as easy as pressing the Add button and typing in the relevant information. Though the app could use a touch of colors other than white and black, for its simplicity that might not even be needed.


If you make multiple teleconferencing calls per day at your job, Call a Conference is easily worth the small price tag for the amount of money it will save you. The automation is great, and it functions just as you’d expect.

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