Find out if you have a healthy weight with BMI Calculator App

BMI Calculator App  BMI Calculator Ideal Weight  

Thanks the free BMI Calculator App, you can finally know your Body Mass Index (BMI) in seconds and you will definitely know your real ideal weight that fits with you!

Indeed, it is a good way to check if you’re a healthy weight and get helpful information and advice about it.

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The app offers all main features that a BMI app should have and they are pretty useful 😉

Here is a few main features the app has:

  • Health tracker: by using this app you will be able to know if you are healthy.
  • Fitness tracker: it can also be helpful to measure your fitness.
    Precise calculations as well for men and women below 19 years of age.


The design doesn’t revolution anything, but for a BMI application, is that really necessary? I do not think so. It just kept simple, just as it should be.

Finally, the layout gives a great presentation of your BMI and the colors are rather well chosen.



If you are not sure about your BMI or want to make sure if you are going in the right way, BMI Calculator : Ideal Weight will certainly become your favourite one of your smartphone apps.

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