Dodge viruses and firewalls in Cubes

With a great twist on even greater game play, Cubes provides an addicting and fun experience as you dodge viruses, pings, and firewalls.

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Upon downloading Cubes, your immediately presented with great game play. I am personally a fan of mobile games that sport simple controls, so I have a soft spot for Cubes.

The objective is to simply tap on the left or right side of the screen, which changes your cube’s direction. Along the way, you will see firewalls, pings (small dots that are hard to spot), and viruses that you must avoid. The objective isn’t particularly new from other games, but Cubes presents a great and fun challenge that you won’t want to put down. The ultimate goal is to go as far as possible, almost like the main objective in Flappy Bird, which will force you to compete against yourself time after time to try and maximize your distance of survival.


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Just as the game play is simple yet entertaining, the design of the game is a perfect fit. The shapes and menus are presented with simple, flat colors that overall give a modern feel to the game. There isn’t too many options to convolute the experience when navigating menus and therefore there’s no “figuring out” how to play the game, it is all simple to follow and understand just as it should be.


Though I personally am awful at games such as this that present a seemingly simple objective but end up being ridiculously hard, I have to admit I was hooked after just a couple of plays, and will be keeping the app installed on my phone for a long time to come as a simple game to pick up, enjoy, and get frustrated over the fact that you can’t beat your own high score.

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